Product Development


We assist our customers in all stages of product development, from an idea to final physical product. We ensure the development of proto samples, salesman samples and any other sampling required by the client. In the meantime, our clients and customers are thoroughly assisted with the technical aspects of production as well.




In this competitive world, we know the importance of competitive pricing. With an in-depth knowledge of the related product costing and in a highly competitive aura, we help our customers to have a fair bargain in terms of costing and pricing.




With our firm roots penetrating in the local textile industry and professional flair, we can get effective sourcing by selecting most suitable factory to run productions of our customers. We always select the best suppliers for the designated tasks by considering their heavenly experience and product knowledge, which helps us, carry our execution process with accurately with punctuality.




Merchandising bridges gaps between the production house and the customer by being a liaison. We consider merchandising to be an important department in the sourcing business; therefore, we have a well-trained team to cater all the needs and requirements of our customers within the given time frame in accordance to the action plan.


Our merchandizing department is responsible for the follow up of orders and sampling projects with clients/ factories from initial stage to final dispatch and for keeping the clients well-informed about the progress.


Quality Assurance


Besides timely deliveries, quality assurance is one of our primary tasks. We ensure quality right from the selection of raw material till the packaging. We have a strong quality assurance team who regularly conduct inline and final audits to make sure the agreed quality standards are met.


Logistics Support


We have a well-trained staff in our export department to check and provide help in preparation of all necessary documents as required by the customers. We also have business relations with Shipping lines, Airlines and Forwarders which helps us in managing and planning the shipment in accordance with the shipment dates. We also negotiate with the best possible Air and Sea freights to give our clients an extra edge in their cost.